Phlox's Triumphant Tri-Stat Challenge

I’m gonna go to Phlox’s wondrous tri-stat system generator ( and hit the button a bunch of times at random, then make a quick system from the top result.


Oh man, this is gonna be fun.

NEW TESTAMENT: Rhetoric, amiability, stealth, religious and medical lore

FREEDOM: Individual expression, art, skill, resisting

VICI: Fighting, joining the masses, rallying allies, menacing

The Empire has lived for a cosmic century. Their mines shatter virgin planets to oblivion, seeking MITHRIL. The Pontifex rules the Empire, keeping the genetically engineered masses down with rapturous drug-scripture. A messiah has risen on a backwater rim planet. The Empire thinks they are dangerous. The Empire sees all, has almighty power. Why are they afraid?

You are the resistance elite. All hail the Messiah.

To make a character, put 9 points among your stats. Roll under your stat on a d6 to succeed on rolls concerning it (so max 6, min 1). Your possessions include one weapon, one contraband item that expresses your individuality, a name you are afraid of speaking, and a shit-ton of weird-ass drugs.

When you fail an NT roll, mark a point of Frustration. The Messiah frowns on you- is this your mission? Remove Frustration upon reaffirming your faith, often with the help of opiates. If your Frustration exceeds 10, you rebuke the Cause, joining the Empire’s intoxicated slave armies.

When you fail a FR roll, mark a point of Collectivism. Your genes rebel against you, compelling you to join the herd. Remove Collectivism upon creating a work of art. Doing so on Empire technology is a bonus. If your Collectivism exceeds 10, you become a Husk, reverting to a tabula rasa state and following any order you are given by anyone, unable to speak.

When you fail a VC roll, mark a point of Wrath. You yearn to bash in skulls, be they the skulls of the Empire or even your allies under the Messiah’s Cause. Remove a point of Wrath by washing blood off your hands and popping a sedative. If your Wrath ever exceeds 10, your bloodlust cannot be satiated, and the Empire turns you into one of its JUGGERNAUTS.

When you destroy a chunk of MITHRIL, increase a stat of your choice by 1.

Fight until the Pontifex falls. Or you do. It’s all the same, in the end.


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