New mechanics for MARROW

MORE MARROWGosh diggity darn it I need more things that cause STRESS and ways to get more SKILLS over time that isn’t tied to Levels (like SKILL Loot or some shit, what are those, Tools, yeah, I need Tools) but that’s okay because here are more new playthings to break
GLYPHSStick-poke a tattoo into your body, inherent an eldritch birthmark, carve runes into your flesh. A Glyph is any bodily mark that contains magical power. Glyphs occupy DEX slots, and each Glyph has a power that can be activated if you roll your Level or under on a d6. However, if you ever roll a 6, the Glyph begins to spasm, taking an opposite effect. You can invoke any given Glyph once per day. Here are some sample Glyphs.HAWK TATTOO. Gain ADVANTAGE on a WIS roll. // Go blind for a day.RUNE OF THE HARVEST. Find a piece of LOOT when searching. // Lose all your silver.FAERIE MARK. Summon a disgruntled pixie. // Be vanished off into the Feywild.(doesn’t have to be glyphs. could be augmentations or even mutations)(shoul…

A couple combat tips

I got to play in a friend’s game recently. As a frequent, but not quite forever-DM, I had the opportunity to look at their game and think about it, what I liked and that I thought I would change if I were DMing. There were a couple things I saw my friend struggle with that I wanted to talk about, because I feel like it’s good advice I can communicate in an unboring and fast way. Here you go.
MONSTER LONGEVITYIf your fights are too short, don’t start by increasing a foe’s HP. Up their damage instead. It’s a lot more satisfying on both sides of the screen to fight a monster that deals a crap ton of damage and causes a lot of panic in their first few rounds on the table, and having caused that much stress and taxing so many resources right off the bat, their purpose is over, so a long lifespan isn’t necessarily better. This also prevents “Combat Slog Syndrome”, where everyone including the DM is yearning for the fight to just end already. No one wants CSS. If a fight looks like it’ll be t…

Roll tables for MITHRIL CRUSADES

It seems my Tri-Stat game was a hit! So it needs a name. I’m gonna call it ECLESIASTES AND EMPIRES. No, that’s stupid. I’m gonna call it THE MESSIAH OF MITHRIL. Nope, too much, though I think there’s something there. How about… MITHRIL CRUSADES? Ooh, yeah, I like that!
Anyways, if you’re running MITHRIL CRUSADES, here are some things that might be helpful before you run the game. Here are four example Truths of what’s really going on between the Messiah and the Empire, in order from most straightforward to least. Below it are some tables to help randomly generate your own Truth for your MC game (hey, it abbreviates good!), but when in doubt, always include as many twists as possible, and make the character’s ideas and missions seem as bleak and pointless as you possibly can. MC is not a game of winning, it’s a game of disillusionment and the decisions made after it.
TRUTH FOUR: EXECUTIVE POWERThe Empire and the Messiah are in conflict. The Empire allows the Messiah to exist, and acts as…

Phlox's Triumphant Tri-Stat Challenge

I’m gonna go to Phlox’s wondrous tri-stat system generator ( and hit the button a bunch of times at random, then make a quick system from the top result.
Oh man, this is gonna be fun.
NEW TESTAMENT: Rhetoric, amiability, stealth, religious and medical loreFREEDOM: Individual expression, art, skill, resistingVICI: Fighting, joining the masses, rallying allies, menacing
The Empire has lived for a cosmic century. Their mines shatter virgin planets to oblivion, seeking MITHRIL. The Pontifex rules the Empire, keeping the genetically engineered masses down with rapturous drug-scripture. A messiah has risen on a backwater rim planet. The Empire thinks they are dangerous. The Empire sees all, has almighty power. Why are they afraid?
You are the resistance elite. All hail the Messiah.
To make a character, put 9 points among your stats. Roll under your stat on a d6 to succeed on rolls concerning it…

Potions as Drugs

POTIONS AS DRUGSMARROW needs something unique. Something built into its mechanics to insinuate some larger, cooler world. Something stolen from Goblin Punch. To that end, I present Potions as drugs.
There are no more potions. Anything that would have been a potion, like a potion of healing or flight, is now some strange type of drug. When you take a drug of any sort, magical or mundane, make a CON roll. (Mundane things like a smoke from a pipe or a pint of ale don’t really count, though one could track that as benefit-less Addiction if they’re an evil DM like me.) If the roll fails, you get a point of Addiction to that drug (track each separately). Take a penalty to every roll you make to take drugs equal to your current Addiction to that drug. That point occupies a DEX slot. Then the effect takes hold, whatever it may be. To remove a point of Addiction, you have to spend a tenday doing nothing but trying to get clean. At the end of that time, roll CON, with ADVANTAGE if you had help (…


If anyone wants to see anything specific from me, put it in the comments of this post! This idea was stolen from a favorite blogger of mine, BasicRedRPG. So get to those comments! More campaign reports? World lore? Classes? Monsters? Whatever you desire!

Xian Yang

I will, in all likelyhood, be running a feudal-japan/chinese sort of campaign soon. Here is a copy of my lore pitch to the player who requested it. Hope it inspires someone. You may see more content for this campaign in the future.
The pace that blankets verdant plains and vibrant forests of Xian Yang is about to be shattered, perhaps forever.An ancient enemy spearheads a terrifying political takeover, while a fractured history’s unfinished story is reopened and relived. Now it’s up to you to save the island nation before it crumbles to the forces of chaos.
Are you ready to restore order to Xian Yang?
THE ISLANDXian Yang is a small place. A month (4 tendays) of travel and you can circulate the mainland, two tendays and you can sail about the coast. The Jade Court virtually rules it all, and most of the plain are conquered by farmland. However, monsters still dwell even in the most civilized of spaces (not to mention the places yet untamed), and the malice in the heart of the Kin may be a…