Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Pb NEW AGE: world-stories through equipment(ish)

 I feel no need to replicate quotidian impedimenta; use your own favorite table from your own favorite fantasy game, bolting this on as a sort of luxury item catalogue. A lira () is about a dollar. It’s assumed that coins are carried in a lead-lined pouch, as to insulate gold’s antimagic properties.

VULGATE (Available in most centers of Civilization)

  1. CODEX PERIODICUM. The scriptures and stories of the Periodic Saints, as compiled by the Warrior-Poet. 40.

  2. PHOSPHORIC TORCH. Once lit, it doesn’t burn out, but once extinguished, it doesn’t relight. 45.

  3. HARD LIGHT CRYSTAL. These artificial silicon crystals project 3d images when light shines through them, invaluable for aerodyne navigation. 50.

  4. SAL VITAE. Anything this pure salt is sprinkled on becomes safe to eat. 50, d6.

  5. BILE-POTS. Using these to rebalance the 7 humors requires a LORE roll to heal for [WEIRD]. 60, d8.

  6. ROSE LENSES. These delicate glasses show magical emanations as colorful auras. 75.

  7. NEONIZED COMPASS. The neon in this needle can be alchemically magnetized towards most anything. 150.

  8. ARMOR. From leather padding to plate, armor reduces incoming damage. 150 per damage reduced, max 3.

  9. STEED VERMIN. Take your pick of mutant, bloated beetle, spider, or dragonfly. 400.

  10. AERODYNE. These dirigibles are kept aloft by balloons of hyper-pure oxygen that repel the distant Æther enough to keep buoyancy. 1000 per 5 SLOTS cargo storage.

CONTRABAND (Available with permit or through the UNDERMARKET for extra cost)

  1. MAGNESIUM CHARGE. Boom. 45 per charge.

  2. HELIUM BLADDER. Breathers become invisible as long as their voice is raised. 50 per dose.

  3. THE SEPTANOMICON. The scriptures of the Septacanon, 7 Saints whose worship is forbidden by the CHURCH: Arsenic, Magnesium, Mercury, Titanium, Uranium, Plutonium, and Radon. 65.

  4. FLINTLOCK. [VIOLENCE] from black powder, a dangerous new development, explodes. 100, d8 (30 for bullets).

  5. MANGANESE CAPSULE. These pills cause surreal hallucinations and dreams for [WEIRD] hours. 100, d4.

  6. ANTIMONY KOHL. Lies spoken or written look like curling black smoke to the wearer. 150, d8.

  7. GOLDEN MANACLES. Gold negates whatever magic it touches, making these manacles ideal for the CHURCH’S incarceration and execution of heretics. 200.

  8. ARSENIC VIAL. This strongly almond-scented powder inevitably kills its ingester in 13 hours. 300, d4.

  9. FERROUS BLADE. Demons take double [VIOLENCE] from iron, and nothing slain by iron returns. 3x weapon cost.

  10. WOLFRAM BLADE. Those slain by tungsten return in 3 days as a ghoul. 10x weapon cost.

TITANIUM. There is no titanium in the world.

Thanks for reading, and happy gaming. I leave you with…

an aphorism, for posterity: A world map is there to tell you where you don’t have to go.

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