Sunday, January 10, 2021


     So I'm starting to sell art commissions! I've set up an instagram here with some examples of my art. Check the comments for a current pricing estimate for each piece! I'm always happy try a new style or draw something a little bit out there, so please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you want something really gnarly.


As of now, I charge $10 an hour for my work. (I will keep this section up to date, and make a new blog post when/if my rates change) Here's what that looks like for you:

  • A full-body stationary character costs 10, with each additional feature in the scene costing 5 more. Introducing action into the mix will up the price a little bit.
  • A logo, a bust, or a small piece will typically cost around 5.
  • A dungeon map is about a dollar per room, more if you want me to include tiny details within those rooms, bulk discounts apply.
  • Landscapes and cities vary case-by case, but will cost you usually between 10 and 25, at the extremes.
  • Something large and detailed enough to occupy half of a page inside of a standard book would cost you around 20, while something elaborate and cover-quality will cost around 30.
  • I'll happily draw anything else you might need! If you can describe it, I will do my darndest to make it a reality for you.

    I'm happy to negotiate prices, especially if I'm personally passionate about the piece, you're on a budget, you're hiring me for a lot of work at once, or if I have a use your art for a project of mine. I'll always try and keep prices as low as they can possibly be for you! In addition, I'd be happy to barter. If you do layout work, want to make me art in your style, have a zine, have a way to advertise my services, or have some other good or service, that can be integrated into it. It's not about the money for me, I just like doing this, and whatever way I can facilitate you getting art in your hands I will.


    I work on paper, with a pencil and pen. If you want me to work with color or with a different medium, I'm happy to take a stab at it, but it'll be a little bit more expensive because it's well out of my wheelhouse! But what that means for you is that when I get your request, I'll get back to you with any questions that I have, then get to my notebook. I'll take a picture when I have my pencil work done, and that's the prime time for you to get your feedback in. If I have questions throughout the penciling or inking process, I will be sure to reach out.

    When I've got a product I feel is ready for you, I'll charge you through Venmo before I send it but while the piece is fully finished, just to have security. If you're unsatisfied with the product I present to you, I will happily work to make it to your satisfaction. Again, I'll keep it reasonable as I can, and persistently communicate with you.


    DM me @autumnkingdomsart, email me at, reach me on Discord at SunderedWorldDM#2647, and/or comment on this post!

    When you tell me about what you want, I want to know the following:

- What I can call you

- What exactly you want from me, in as specific terms as possible (anything from "give me a page border of runes" to "I need you to capture the feeling of this game for the cover" to "My party is composed of a one-eyed orcish bard named Nathaniel Oxbow. He's got a shimmering sword and...")

- What you want the art for ("my game I'm publishing!" "for the back of a GM screen!" "just a cool moment in my campaign!")

- What you expect to pay for this piece, or what you can pay (we can easily negotiate!)

- If you have a timetable for me, any requirements of me, any questions, anything like that, I want all of that information up front!


    This is not my primary source of income, so all the revenue I make will go straight to finance RPG publications. I've got a Zine in the works that will hopefully be ready by ZineQuest 3, and I've been itching to make MARROW into a realized book for a while now. All of what I make here will go into a special bank account just for making projects like this come true, as well as supporting other small RPG creators and delivering more content on the blog! By hiring me to do your art, you're making these other projects possible too.


A tower among the stars! I'd be happy to draw you any sort of fantastical landscape you could imagine.

Perhaps this sketch could be a part of your logo! Or a little bit of set dressing on a "what's a roleplaying game" page!

This detailed scene shows a massive, rusted hulk ominously calling to two adventures. What lies within those ruins?

Some NPC busts- a twisted, undead Mind Flayer and a malignant Myconid priest!

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