Monday, September 28, 2020


    GLoG challenge! Write 31 small, GLoG-related things over the course of October. Or not even GLoG-related, if you’re running a BFRPG campaign and need a new monster and it’s the 22nd you can do a post on how you design monsters, or if you need a new Troika! background on the 11th you can write about the Slug Astronauts of Zzan. You can even do multiple days at once- I plan on chunking about 5 days at a time into one post. Just a fun little series of prompts to help keep GLoG, and the spirit of community, going. At the end of the month, you can make a post linking to all your GLoGtober posts, and I’ll make a post here to collect all the entries. I might even make them into a PDF or something.

Have fun, and happy gaming.

1 Guns

2 Blood

3 Goblins

4 Swirling rainbow vortices

5 Map

6 Food

7 Adventure

8 Mystery

9 Region

10 Mechanic

11 Space

12 Armor

13 Tribe

14 Table

15 Orb

16 Country

17 Bird

18 Biome

19 Quirky Magic Item

20 Dice

21 Artifact

22 GM tip

23 Hell

24 Disease

25 Myth

26 City

27 Villains

28 Orb, again

29 Gods

30 Crime

31 Candy


  1. It begins! :)

  2. My masterpost:


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