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     This post comes from Good Job! and Totally-not-a-bot respectively, who ask for a mascot class and mundane professions-as-classes respectively. Here's some more MARROW classes from these prompts! (Copied and pasted from a google doc, I don't know how to make the formatting work good so it's all wonky, so sorry)


Standardbearer SKILLS: Clothing symbology, encouragement

A A number of times per day equal to your Level, you can shout a rallying cry to an ally as they make a roll. They make the roll with ADVANTAGE, or automatically succeed if they had ADVANTAGE already.

B All allies that are CLOSE to you cannot take STRESS.

C Roll CHA when you rest for the night. If you succeed, you can't be bothered for the evening.

D All allies CLOSE to you have ADVANTAGE on all rolls.

LOOT: Ragged Old Flag


Trapper SKILLS: Wilderness lore, tracking

A You can spend a TURN making an INT roll to construct a trap that Halts, Damages, Alerts, or Restrain

B Using a rope, you can attempt to tie down a beast through a contested STR roll. You get a +2 for everyone who helps, but any non-Hunters will be knocked prone if the beast wins. The beast continues to be restrained until it succeeds on a contested STR roll.

C You can have up to 5 items On Hand. In addition, traps you lay can do 2 things instead of just one, and you can set one in a Round of comba 

D Make a contested CHA roll against a creature you have restrained by a trap or rope to force them to follow your next command.

LOOT: Beur Trap


Hunter SKILLS:

A You get a bonus to attack rolls against things that can move faster than you equal to your Level.

B Land-dwelling beasts can always understand your words. Roll CHA to make them fear you, too.

    C When you drink the blood of a prey animal, regain WOUNDS equal to your Level.

D You can smell fear. In addition, choose a Quarry once per day. You always know its location relative to you and its emotional state. This effect ends when the creature is dead. You can have your Level in Quarries at a time.

LOOT: Deer Skull Helmet


Farmer SKILLS: Agriculture, livestock, folklore

A Used to toil, you cannot take FATIGUE. However, you are afraid of the dark.

B You are unnoticed, just another of the common folk. ADVANTAGE on rolls to blend in or seem unremarkable.

C Once a day, place a seed in the ground or gesture to a mundane animal. The plant grows, or a baby is born.

D You are truly a champion of the people. You are a living legend, a folk hero, and are treated with the utmost respect by the salt of the earth.

LOOT: Diamond Hoe


Aristocrat SKILLS: Manners, high society

A You are filthy rich. Your money occupies 2 CHA slots, but you can purchase anything you can hold freely, and you can make larger purchases with a CHA roll.

    B You can secure audience with anyone, anywhere, any time.

C You dress opulently. You can add your INNOCENCE to your DEFENSE as long as you wear no more than 1 piece of ARMOR.

    D You can purchase anything for any price with a successful CHA roll.

LOOT: Kerchief of the King



Academic SKILLS: Academia, one field of your choice

    A Double your PROFICIENCY.

B You’ve written a book. Everyone who would have a passing knowledge in the field knows of you, and holds you in the highest esteem.

C You’re skilled at navigating academic politics. You have ADVANTAGE on CHA checks to convince someone of your point of view.

D You have ADVANTAGE on any rolls that even tangentially relate to your area of expertise. If it makes the DM roll their eyes, you’re doing it right.

LOOT: Provost’s Robe


Merchant SKILLS: Negotiation, wares-lore

A Choose what wares you sell (pottery, drugs, tools...). Your wares occupy a STR slot. Once a day, you can happen to have a specific item on hand that relates to your wares.

B You can buy anything nonmagical for half its listed price if you succeed on a CHA roll.

C You can smell riches, and always know if you’re near a source of treasure. In addition, you have ADVANTAGE on rolls to find secret doors and hidden compartments.

D You are ludicrously, filthy rich. You have franchises that span continents. Your immeasurable influence, however, makes you quite the target...

LOOT: Silvertongue Coinpurse


Storyteller SKILLS: Finding an audience, amiability, street-lore

A When you tell a story, your audience must roll WIS or be enthralled until you complete the telling. A story can take anywhere from 4 ROUNDS to an hour to tell.

B You can tell a story of such beauty and joy that any who hear it must roll WIS or try to repent of their evil deeds.

C You can tell a story of such sorrow and anguish that any who hear it must roll WIS or weep for a d4 TURNS.

D You can tell a story of such power and horror that any who hear it must roll WIS or die.

LOOT: Wanderer’s Mantle


Philosopher SKILLS: Planar lore, academia

A You can pose unanswerable questions, which force the person being asked to roll INT or be stunned/left spluttering for as many ROUNDS as you spent asking the question.

B You instinctively know what to say to make people angry, and can goad anyone into a fight by rolling opposed CHA.

C Given access to a grand ball, town crier, posting-tree, church door, or other method of disseminating information to the masses, you can thoroughly ruin anyone's reputation.

D Choose a passage from one of your books. It becomes true within your line of sight.

LOOT: Book of Truthful Anachronism


Torturer SKILLS: Inflicting pain, ropes

A If you spend an hour torturing someone, you can ask them a number of questions equal to their Level that they must answer truthfully.

B You can smell pain.

    C When you take WOUNDS, get an equivalent bonus to your next roll.

D With a glance, you can inflict crippling agony. The target takes your Level in WOUNDS, but when you stop looking at them, the WOUNDS go away.

LOOT: Cat of 12 Tails


Plumber SKILLS: Fluid dynamics and inspection, pipe-lore

A With an hour’s work in safe conditions, flood or un-flood a room. +Level to DEFENSE if you were late to the session.

B Automatically detect broken machinery and concealed mechanisms. ADVANTAGE on rolls to operate or repair them.

C With a day’s work and access to a communal water supply, poison an area. All creatures encountered in the area are sickly and bear plague.

D Spend a day looking for a job. You find a gig that pays 1d4 gold(!) per day. 25% chance this is in a dungeon, which you now have a map to and free passage in and out of on behalf of your employer.

LOOT: Lug Nut of the Sewer King


Drunk SKILLS: Passing as sober, brewing, drink appraisal

A None of your Drunk abilities work while you’re sober, you’ve got to beat least tipsy to reap any benefit. If you share a drink with someone, you have ADVANTAGE on all rolls involving them.

B You may freely convert any alcoholic beverage to any other type of drug you’ve ingested. In addition, you can brew your Level in doses of moonshine per day.

C You may freely convert any drug you have in your possession to any drug you have heard of. In addition, the hoi polloi love you, and you can get free stay in any inn that’s connected to a tavern.

D You can drink any body of liquid in a minute or less.

LOOT: Dented Flagon of Thom the Inebriated

Also, here is the link to my newly-updated full list of classes. It's hovering at around 50, but I have so many more floating in my head that I want to make, actual usability be damned! If you want to steal anything, please do so without hesitation, as I did with so many of the classes in that doc.

Have fun, and happy gaming.


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