Friday, June 19, 2020

Class Ideas

-Enchanter: endowing items with magic

-Sigilbound: choose an emoji each Level to get a benefit from

-Charioteer: you just have a REALLY good horse, and when you gain Levels, the horse is what gets better. Maybe it’s not a horse, maybe it’s a spider or a tiger or a flying shark or something.

-Actually, Drow Spider Charioteer sounds like a KICK ASS Class. I’d play one in a heartbeat

-Virologist/Plague Doctor

-Puppetmaker: enchant marionettes, or perhaps corpses (wait, that’s necromancy)

-Insomniac: when you sleep, someone else comes out. You basically have two characters, the healer/support/nice guy, and the evil dude who’s great in combat but will not hesitate to slaughter the party.

-Or, even better, the pacifist is the great combatant and the murderer is the support

-Orbseeker: orbs are cool and there aren’t enough of them so make a cool Class to have people find things that are spherical and do cool things with them

-Hell, a Class where you are the orb. Rolling and crushing people, detecting slopes in dungeon floors, floating away like a balloon…

-Plumber: using the magic of infrastructure to flood dungeons and level cities with plagues

-Crackhead: every Level, choose another drug you’re constantly on. You’re just hyped up on anything you can find. Delve into dungeons to find ancient stores of rare psychoactives so you can take your next Level in that one

-Slug Moneylender: okay, that was just an NPC I came up with a while ago, but still

-Conglomerate: your body is made up of a million little creatures. When you take damage, the die and return as ghosts. Over time, more and more of you becomes ghost. (Taken from my input on the OSR Discord)

-Ghostbuster: Every time I see a Cleric with Turn Undead, I just think of them as a ghostbuster. That association between Clerics and undead seems so silly to me, so why not just make it a Priest Class and  Ghostbuster Class?

-Fine, you can call it a Vampire Hunter too, I guess

-Crystalborn: crystals grow on your body and bond with your mind

-Dragon: I don’t know. It’s so late it’s early

If someone has done these or something like these or wants to do these, in any sort of system/way, tell me in the comments and I’ll link to them

EDIT: Against all odds, it has happened. Someone has taken this humble list and lovingly crafted some of them into delectable little GLoG morsels for out collective enjoyment! Thank you to Phlox for some classes from the "Orb 18". I'll see to it that I use some of these posthaste!

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